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We present to you the current and future status of POSCO ICT.


POSCO ICT Company Overview

POSCO ICT Company Overview

man created tools and the tools have changed our life. ICT technology which is the most innovative tool has brought a new change to a way of making relations between man and man, man and machine, and man and society. Every piece of daily life combined with ICT technology makes more enriched and convenient life and also creates new values in combination with industry. I Create Tomorrow. POSCO ICT

POSCO ICT has Internet DNA as well as diverse Industrial DNAs. Based on such, POSCO ICT provides a creative management environment and realizes Smart Factory with the application of IoT and Big Data,It also makes effective use of optimized energy and makes the environment cleaner. POSCO ICT creates a smart world where different technologies and industries are converged.

[Smart IT]
“How can we work in a more creative work environment?”
POSCO ICT innovates customers' way of working and supports their efficient work performance by providing a creative work environment to various customers, including POSCO which is a global steel company, with the application of ICT technology. With POSCO ICT, you can deal with any business as much as you do at your office, anywhere at any time.
The global management is also available in the overseas subsidiaries and production plants with the application of the same work system as the one applied at the head office.
POSCO ICT provides IT service optimized for customers from a consulting and system integration to IT outsourcing.
It saves expenses but maximizes the efficiency by providing Cloud Service where you can use as much IT, including SW and HW, as you want via its data center.

[Smart Factory
“How can we monitor the entire process at a glance and control it automatically?”
POSCO ICT realizes a smarter manufacturing site by realizing the world's first Smart Factory on the continuous process, such as a steel mill. In Smart Factory, IoT technology has applied so facilities and machines exchange information themselves.
All processes from order and production to quality management and delivery can be monitored at a glance (Observability) and collected information is analyzed with Big Data for supporting smart decision-making so they can be controlled automatically (Controllability) without the intervention of a worker.

“How can we prevent a problem in facilities?”
Smart Factory realized by POSCO ICT diagnoses and predicts the state of facilities in real time by monitoring them with IoT. It inspects any facilities that can possibly cause a problem and deals with a possible cause of the problem in advance so as to maintain a stable work environment and extend facilities life as well.

“How can we prevent a quality problem in advance?”
The environment of Smart Factory collects and analyzes data of each work of the entire process in order to be aware of a cause of a quality problem in advance so as to minimize the rate of quality problems.

“How can we respond to lack of skilled worker?”
Smart Factory where workers overseas provide a guidance for each situation for the optimized production performance by making experiences of skilled workers into knowledge. Wearable devices help workers get support from an expert remotely in case of an unexpected situation in the field.

“How can we notify workers of risk elements in the field in advance?”
Smart Factory monitors the field environment, such as vibration, noise, poisonous gas, and temperature of a workspace, in real time and notifies workers of, if any, risk elements in advance for providing a safe and pleasant work environment.

[Environnemt Solutions]
“How can we deal with air pollution?”
POSCO ICT tries to resolve environmental problems caused by air pollution. It disposes of dust occurring in the industrial field using a high-voltage micro-pulse dust collector (MPS) and also supplies plasma-facilities for desulfurization and denitrification. It will continue to aim for the coexistence of the environment and industry by supplying converged products that can deal with both dust and harmful substances henceforward.

[Total Energy Optimization]
“How can we realize the energy optimization?”
POSCO ICT connects the whole energy circulation, including generation/demand, transmission/distribution, and consumption, with one value chain and carries out Total Energy Optimization business that supports energy optimization. We have a rich demonstration experience, including the implementation of infrastructures for the generation of Renewable Energy, Energy Storage System(ESS), electric power demand management(DR), electric vehicle charging infra system, and Microgrid.

“How can we save electricity that easily disappears?”
POSCO ICT allows midnight electricity to be used during the peak time by supplying ESS and realizes Microgrid of islands and industrial complex. It also provides services that prevent a rapid frequency change of supplied power in order to maintain power quality.

“How can we use energy effectively in an industrial complex or an island?”
It constructs Microgrid that produces power from Renewable Energy generation and stores such in ESS for the independent use of power. Furthermore, it predicts energy demand precisely for the effective use of energy by realizing expanding CCG
POSCO ICT provides FEMS and BEMS system that monitors the flow of energy consumption of factories and buildings in real time and also diagnoses and analyzes.

[Innovative Opportunity]
“How can we create another value with the application of a new technology?”
POSCO ICT continues to develop new technologies suitable for ICT Mega Trend in order for customers to create a new value. To do so, it creates a new synergy effect from the development of technology through R&D groups of POSCO ICT, POSTECH, and RIST with Connect & Development strategy in cooperation with Think-Tank.

A new world surely begins from our infinite imagination and continuous questions. Our innovation that discovers the possibility from customers' questions and solves a problem creates even more amazing value of tomorrow. Smart world, we create a better future for everyone. I Create Tomorrow. POSCO ICT

Smart Factory

Smart Factory


The automation of mass production has been central to the growth of manufacturing industries.
However, the ever-slowing rate of industrial growth is demanding a new paradigm shift.
Here is an industrial company boldly blazing a new trail, having successfully led the innovation of Korea's manufacturing industries.
Understanding that manufacturing is at the heart of industrial convergence, POSCO is turning the vision of smart manufacturing into a reality through the convergence with cutting-edge ICT technologies.
This is the story of POSCO ICT's Smart Factory journey.


With PosFrame, the world's first smart factory platform for steel and process industry, POSCO ICT adopts an IoT sensor to collect data of all fields so as to analyze into and predict with big data and to control every process automatically with artificial intelligence technology.
Smart Factory enables POSCO ICT to achieve zero unplanned downtime operations through efficient asset management, and minimize defects by intercepting quality issues online.
With Virtual Factory, engineers can simulate production operations in advance. Smart Safety allows taking real-time countermeasures against industrial safety hazards on the factory floor. Ultimately, POSCO ICT is in the process of forging a self-running steelworks that can learn, decide, and control processes through artificial intelligence technologies.
Steelworks with human intelligence while overcoming human limitations; that's what POSCO ICT Smart Factory is all about.

[Operation Management]

Massive production assets--equipment and facilities?comprise a steelworks. Productivity and quality depend on how well they are managed.
Rolling machine reduces ‘semi-finished’ slabs to thinner and longer strips by passing them between two rolls.
IoT sensors installed on rolling machines are used to collect all parametric data generated in the process of rolling operations including roll pressure, vibration, rolling speed, and lubrication conditions. Collected data is stored and analyzed in the big data environment. The output is used for real-time automated process control to provide an optimal operational environment.
When maintenance engineers inspect machines or replace parts in response to detected signs of failure, they have access to relevant guidance, digitized knowhow of skilled engineers, as well as to the remote support from outside experts.
On the shop floor, engineers can look inside, break down and re-assemble machines in a simulated 3-D environment to achieve higher asset management efficiency.

[Quality Management]

The steel industry is characterized by continuous production process?from raw materials to finished products.
POSCO ICT’S Smart Factory identifies the causes of defects in advance through the integrated analysis of production data to automatically control defects from flowing into the downstream processes. This requires real-time monitoring of raw materials and blast furnaces. Quality issue data on the slabs, semi-finished products produced in the continuous casting operation, is captured and corrective steps are taken to minimize defects.
Even when a surface scan on the final product discovers a defect, the exact cause of the defect can be pinpointed by leveraging the cross-operational data that maps production, quality, and asset to the final product longitudally at a 10-centimeter interval. Action is taken to prevent recurrence of similar defects.

[Safety Management]

POSCO ICT ensures the safety of workers in a smarter way.
Sensors installed on the factory floor are used to monitor the environment for toxic gases, noise, and temperature. The monitoring results are made available to employees through alerts and notifications. Unsafe behaviors on the factory floor are monitored real-time. When employees go near the hazards, alerts are sent to stave off potential incidents in advance.
The Smart Band tracks vital signs of the workers exposed to hazardous environments in real time and transmits the data to the central command center. Immediate action is taken when an anomaly is detected.

[Artificial Intelligence]

'Smart Steelworks' evolves as production output grows.
The artificial intelligence embedded in the Smart Factory environment learns from the collected and streaming data and determines the best course of action, enabling optimal production operations without human intervention.
The AI translates unstructured data including images and conditions of blast furnace tapholes, raceway zones, and charge materials to assess the exact condition of blast furnaces. The best course of action is taken accordingly.
The deep learning algorithms of the Surface Defect Detector, SDD, enable selection of the optimal feature, significantly enhancing the defect classification accuracy while helping guarantee higher quality and productivity.


POSCO ICT Smart Factory which has applied to continuous process for the first time in the world realizes smart steelworks where entire production operations from raw materials to the final products are automatically controlled and continuously evolved with time.
Creating a new renaissance in manufacturing, leading the way with Industry 4.0 with world-class competitiveness in quality and production, while expanding its application to continuous processes in other industries-
POSCO ICT Smart Factory.

Smart EMS

Smart EMS

Energy depletion has become a crucial reality!
Now, our future will be determined by the energy that makes a difference.
An advanced, energy-saving technology introduces an efficient energy solution.
Smart EMS of POSCO ICT takes the lead in energy innovation.
We think about the future. Think Energy, Smart EMS.
What we need now is a system that precisely predicts and controls the supply and demand of energy.
POSCO ICT’s Smart EMS is a platform-based system that analyzes energy usage pattern of industry and building, and applies common features found in their usage.
POSCO ICT’s Smart EMS consists of FEMS applied to industrial sites and BEMS applied to building management. These services enable the customers to apply the right system for either an industrial site or an office environment.
POSCO ICT’s Smart EMS is supported by the superb technology of IBM.
An efficient and optimum solution, POSCO ICT FEMS!
POSCO ICT FEMS measures, observes, analyzes, and offers plans for the efficient use of energy along with an operating guide, thereby promoting the best measures for energy efficiency at factories.
As a No. 1 company of energy reuse among all steel makers in the world, POSCO holds the highest number of energy efficient cases in Korea.
POSCO ICT analyzed about 12,000 energy efficient cases of POSCO, and deduced five patterns of energy-saving modules which has been applied FEMS and accomplished the best solutions.
Smart Idling minimizes the energy usage of facilities in idle mode.
Smart Air & Fluid optimizes the flow of gas and fluids.
Smart Cost optimizes the efficiency of energy cost.
Smart Room builds the optimum working environment.
Smart Diagnosis analyzes and efficiently manages the performance of the facility
POSCO ICT FEMS has applied the interface of global industrial standards, one of IBM’s IOC functions, to enhance data gathering
All facility is installed with sensors that report the real-time energy usage and operation status in order for the manager to understand all situations at a site and quickly deal with them.
POSCO ICT FEMS has proven its excellence through actual operation cases.
POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks’ oxygen plant,
which applied the advanced technology and accumulated know-how of POSCO ICT’S Smart FEMS, saved about 2% of the annual energy cost, which and saved the cost to six million US dollars.
Smart FEMS is now expanding its reach to other companies, such as POS-HiMETAL and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.
Smart choice for energy management in buildings, POSCO ICT BEMS.
you can manage a building more efficiently using mess amount of energy.
At 5:00 a.m., the AC system is activated before the temperature rises,
thereby maintains the indoor temperature pleasant while using less energy.
At 6:30 a.m., the blinds are rolled up as the sunlight reaches the window.
The light, which are turned on for cleaning job, are now turned off automatically to save energy.
At 2:00 p.m., the BEMS monitoring system reports that the first AC system’s efficiency has dropped.
The manager figures out the problems and determines the replacement cycle. He activates the second AC system, which is relatively more efficient.
At 3:00 p.m., the indoor temperature exceeds the legal temperature limit and the cooling system automatic is activated automatically
At 7:00 p.m., the office is closed and only half of the elevators remain working to minimize the use of energy.
This is how POSCO ICT BEMS work in a day.
Various functions of POSCO ICT BEMS
Energy management system analyzes the energy usage in real time, and based on the data,
it controls the AC system and the hot and cold water system to promote effective energy management.
Equipment management system monitors the operating equipment, such as elevators and blinds,
and adequately controls them to ensure that the right equipment works at the right place.
Among IBM’s IOC functions, BEMS has adopted the function of analyzing and handling big data generated from the entire operating environment.
The integrated operating system of BEMS enables you to monitor the energy usage and control the equipment of multiple buildings conveniently and comprehensively.
Another unique advantage of POSCO ICT’s BEMS
Through the best system qualified for LEED, the building’s energy efficiency is secured at a global level while the overall value of the building is enhanced.
Energy efficiency management is now the key to gaining a competitive edge.
POSCO ICT’s Smart EMS offers an energy management system at a completely new level.
An energy management system that is opening up a new world.
Think Energy, POSCO ICT’s Smart EMS.