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Energy Efficiency · DR

A system that optimizes energy consumption by monitoring, diagnosing, and analyzing the energy consumption patterns in places where a lot of energy is used such as industrial sites and buildings and proposing efficient ways of operation is provided.

total energy optimization service

Efficient Use of Factory Energy

By attaching sensors to all pieces of equipment and based on the Factory Energy Management System, which is POSCO ICT’s industrial solution for the efficient use of energy, energy cost can be saved by efficiently operating the facility through the analysis of the entire process including purchase, use, and management of energy and by using automated system control.

Major Services
total energy optimization service
Integrated Monitoring Management
  • Energy use monitoring for all facilities within a factory
  • Assessment of causes of energy waste through the analysis of facility operation condition and suggestion of optimum operation guide
Optimization Through The Efficient Use of Facility and Automatic Control
  • Minimization of unnecessary operation of equipment by grasping the facility operation in real time and through the preferential use of equipment with better efficiency (air compressor efficiency, heating furnace/electric furnace efficiencies)
  • Automatic control of rotating devices, lighting devices, and air conditioning device depending on the situation of production sites (variable speed control, automatic control of idling, O2 concentration control, etc.)
Expected Effects
  • Stable operation of facility through the energy peak control system
  • Energy cost saving by means of real time monitoring of energy use through IoT and response
  • Management of energy use goal in agreement with the government regulation policy
  • Maximization of facility life cycle by minimizing the unnecessary operation of equipment

Oxygen plant of POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks, POS HIMETAL, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, SNNC, etc.

Efficient Use of Building Energy

Integrated service including consulting for various buildings such as office, commercial building and hospital, apartment, system design and equipment supply, setup and operation, etc., is provided by applying sophisticated ICT technology and energy efficiency technology to construction.

total energy optimization service
Major Services
  • Consulting and design
    - Optimum consulting and design for the creation of energy efficiency based Smart Building
  • Creation of Smart & Green Building
    - Energy cost saving through the application of renewable energy such as photovoltaic and wind power, etc.
    - Creation of Smart Office with cloud printing, flexible seating system, space characterized by business efficiency and creativity, etc.
    - Establishment of eco media wall and media facade utilizing environment friendly LED lighting

Seoul POSCO Center, Songdo POSCO E&C Tower, Pangyo Smart Tower, Beijing POSCO Center, POSCO Global R&D Center, Seoul M PARK, Anyang Knowledge Center, Korea Polytechnic University, Songdo Green Building, etc.