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Production Management

Production efficiency and quality are improved since the intelligent system automatically determines production volume and monitors the entire quality control process.

Integrated production management as to all manufacturing sites
Integrated production management as to all manufacturing sites
  • Factory A
  • Factory B
  • Factory C
  • Factory D
  • Factory E
Prediction and prevention of defects through quality DB setup
  1. DB setup for facility condition information
  2. Prediction of quality
  3. Prediction-based automatic control
  • Production management
    - Establishment of MES for the efficient management of production, determination of optimum production order according to the production capacity and schedule of the factory when an order is placed by a customer, and real time management of the entire production process
    - Every single piece of equipment within a workplace communicates with others, and an operation solution is automatically derived by linking with the MES of each factory and the corporate ERP; thus leading to the improvement of productivity
    - Optimum operation pattern is derived through the integrated evaluation of equipment/material/
    quality data
  • Quality control
    - Prediction and prevention of bad quality by checking the operating sound, vibration, and temperature of facility affecting quality.; for quality control in a continuous process that cannot be stopped, the process that follows the current one is controlled in advance for normal operation in case an irregularity occurs
    - Real time quality control is conducted through Machine Vision (video monitoring) in any and all processes
    - The cause of a defect is clarified, and continuous occurrence of the defect is prevented via thoroughgoing interpretation as to the defect condition