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Facility Management

A system for facility maintenance and diagnosis, which can be used anywhere, is established by utilizing the latest IoT technology such as sensors installed all over the factory in order to monitor facility operation and detect the locations of workers, etc.

Corporate standard analysis DB
  • Facility condition is monitored in real time by applying Smart Sensors specialized by equipment type
  • Sensor information and equipment history information such as checking, repair, failure, etc., are analyzed by operating an integrated operation center
    - Information such as timing of failure, replacement cycle, etc., is automatically provided by determining the service life of facility
  • Repair and correction of defects utilizing wearable devices
    - Facility information such as procedure for disassembly/assembly and drawing is provided to workers
    - Improvement of work efficiency through remote support by experts
  • Big Data based system of analysis
    - System standardization is realized by integrating the different data of each process
    - Based on standardized data, system malfunction is automatically detected and reported to a manager