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State of the art technology makes production sites even smarter.

Every situation of a factory is monitored at a glance, and a smart factory that is automatically controlled through information analysis using Big Data without the involvement of workers is created.

Real time monitoring and control through IoT and Big Data
VisionFactory Real time monitoring and control through IoT and Big Data
Environment management
MPS (electric dust collection), Hi Plasma (desulfurization and denitrification)
Facility management
prediction of facility failures / extension of facility service life (facility integrity determination)
Energy management
Production optimization with respect to efficient energy use / Utilization of FEMS and ESS
Safety Management
Management of worker safety using wearable devices
Virtual Factory
Simulation on new facility and expansion of existing facility and production condition change
Production Management
Establishment of plan + Integrated management of production situation / Unmanned control based on upgraded analysis
Quality Control
Prediction of real time quality problems in continuous process and maintenance of the best quality through post process control
Logistics Management
Real time logistics tracking / Unmanned crane operation
* VisionFactory

POSCO ICT’s Smart Factory brand is significant since a future oriented factory offering the most efficient production system by checking the entire production process at a glance is realized, and the manufacturing vision is achieved.


Facility Management

Failures are prevented through the prediction of timing of failures and actions taken accordingly based on site information and facility control information using sensors; the best facility condition is maintained through remote maintenance without resident operators.

Production Management

Optimized unmanned production is realized by taking into consideration the site situation such as quality, energy, environment, etc., instead of a production method dependent on the experiences of experts.

Quality Control

Information on the factors affecting quality when a product error is found in a continuous process that cannot be stopped is collected and analyzed in real time; thus enabling the estimation of the cause of defect in advance and application of countermeasures to post process for quality improvement.

Logistics Management

The entire process from product transport to storage is automated in order to save costs.


A clean environment is created by preventing the discharge of fine dusts and contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, etc., which are generated from factories; efficient use of energy is made possible by optimizing the operation of facility through precision analysis of energy use.

Safety Management

Workers approaching dangerous areas are automatically recognized and warned against the danger; in the event of a safety accident, co workers, managers, and operation room employees are notified of the accident to ensure prompt action taking.

Virtual Factory

When any new equipment is installed or the existing facility is expanded, and the production condition is changed, simulation is conducted in virtual space prior to application to the factory in order to save time and costs.